aida gavrilova piano


The piano seminars created by Aida are aimed at teachers with little or no teaching experience, as well as those who would like to refresh their methods.

In some countries, certain music schools still insist on outdated curriculums, which supposedly make children play “correctly”. It is not surprising then that children often stop playing after barely a year of tuition, complaining that it’s boring and difficult.

In her own words: ”“As a young teacher I was extremely frustrated with children who never practised, forgetting that as a young child I wasn’t exactly a very diligent pupil either....we are not born with a sense of self-discipline nor can we imagine how wonderful it is to be able to express oneself through music once we master an instrument.....there will always be pupils who make slow progress, but I would rather emphasize the word “progress” than “slow” “

Some of the subjects discussed in the seminar are:

1) Do pupils have to learn how to read music before playing?

2) How do we teach children with bad co-ordination?

3) How to teach pupils to cope with stage-fright?

4) When can we start “extending” a hand out of a five-finger position?

5) How do we get a pupil to enjoy performing?

Interpretation and technical problems (stiff wrists, the use of pedal, sound projection, cantabile, the use of fourth and fifth fingers in chords and octaves) are tackled on a higher level, bearing in mind the most important goal-enjoying playing!